Kentucky Virtual Campus

About KYVC

The Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) is a program of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), which coordinates change and improvement in Kentucky's postsecondary education system as directed by the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997.

What We Are Charged to Do

Consistent with the statewide strategic agenda for postsecondary education, the primary purposes of the KYVC are to:

  • Enhance and expand educational access and increase educational attainment across Kentucky.
  • Upgrade workforce skills and expand professional development through basic and continuing education.
  • Increase collaboration and foster efficiency and effectiveness in delivering courses and programs.
  • Increase global competitiveness of Kentucky's educational resources.

The mission of the Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) is to serve as "a statewide advocate for access to learning through technology, a convener of partners that use resources effectively, and a catalyst for innovation and excellence in eLearning". Simply put, the KYVC strives to a technology-based clearinghouse for quality online college credit, professional development, and supplemental studies.

Who We Serve

The KYVC works with its provider institutions to specifically address the needs of the following client groups:

  • Adult students
  • Place-bound and time-bound students
  • Employers and employees in business, industry, and government
  • P-12 students, teachers, and administrators
  • Traditional residential students
  • Students living in other states and countries

However, the KYVC has several affiliate organizations which diversify outreach into the areas of libraries, K-12 schools, and homeschooling organizations.

Quality Assurance

The accreditation of KYVC partner providers by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is implemented through SACS and not KYVC. Partner providers designate a contact liaison to coordinate communication between SACS and the partner regarding any issues with KYVC programs and courses.

Distance Learning Advisory Committee

The Distance Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC) is responsible for creating committees and work groups which are charged with the responsbility for planning and recommending policies and procedures for the operation of the Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC). The Committee also addresses the coordination of policies, programs, support services, and infrastructure in support of distance education across all Kentucky postsecondary education institutions.

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