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Kentucky Virtual Schools (KYVS)

KYVS (Kentucky Virtual Schools) offers a range of online, e-learning services to help schools and teachers meet their goals for high quality teaching, high student performance, and a strong and supportive environment for every child. By integrating KYVS services in their programs, districts, schools, and teachers can find new ways to provide:

  • Access to an expanded curriculum for every student
  • Advanced Placement and foreign language courses
  • Options for credit recovery
  • Increased instructional support for at-risk students
  • Expanded choices to meet Gifted and Talented students' needs
  • Professional Development to build instructional capacity

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Kentucky Virtual Campus for K-12 (KYVC4K12)

KYVC4K12 uses PLATO Web-based Learning Network to provide a rigorous, standards-driven curriculum that is available online anytime and anywhere. PLATO offers assessments, lessons, mastery tests, and whole semester courses to meet the needs of diverse learners through interactive learning and achieving success. (To learn more about PLATO, go to

KYVC4K12 offers services for the following:

  • Kentucky school districts and schools offering Academic Enrichment Services
    We offer student learning opportunities for credit recovery, after school services, summer school options, or individual learning remediation services.
  • Title I Improvement Schools in Kentucky - Supplemental Educational Services
    In accordance with No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, KYVC is on the list of SES Providers, "assesses, develops personalized curriculum, monitors, and reports progress to parents and schools.
  • GEAR UP Kentucky Schools
    Federally funded, the KYVC works directly with GEAR UP schools and teachers to offer trainings and support for the PLATO curriculum.
  • Home School and Independent Reinforcement
    The KYVC provides engaging coursework to meet individualized instruction; reinforces, teaches, and assesses learning, but does not issue credit.

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Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL)

Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) provides resources for students, librarians, educators and all Kentucky citizens. KYVL acts as the hub of a consortium which serves all public universities and colleges, public K-12 schools, public libraries, over 30 independent colleges and universities, and various private K-12 schools and libraries across the state. KYVL supports the lifelong learning for all Kentuckians.

KYVL provides a core collection of digital information resources as a supplement to public, school, college, university and special libraries across the state. We strive for equitable access to quality library and information resources for all Kentuckians. We see ourselves as partners to Kentucky's educational institutions and are here to support information literacy and lifelong learning.

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Kentucky Virtual Adult Education (KYVAE)

KYVAE is an initiative of Kentucky Adult Education, which seeks to improve the educational status of adult Kentuckians who lack a high school diploma, function at low levels of literacy or want to learn English. The KYVAE website provides adult students and educators with online courses, resources and services in an easy-to use and motivational format. The KYVAE website is dedicated to helping adults achieve their educational goals through improving academic skills and/or earning a GED.

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