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Selecting a Bachelor's Degree

Many careers today require you to possess a bachelor's degree, also known as Baccalaureate degrees.

How to Select a Bachelor's Degree

Keeping an eye on your chosen industry is important. Before you select a degree, become aware of skills that are required for your chosen career field by reviewing trade journals or industry websites. You can also check job advertisements to get a sense of what types of majors and/or degrees appeal to potential employers.

Types of Bachelor's Degrees

There are several types of bachelor's degrees. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are the most commonly awarded. The Bachelor of Science degree is geared specifically towards those who want to branch out into the world of science, while the Bachelor of Arts degree is given to those who complete coursework in the areas of humanities or the arts.


Once you've chosen a degree, you’ll select a major. A major requires you to complete a number of courses (or units) within a specific area of study or in closely related field in addition to the regular core curriculum.

Some institutions require you to select a major after so many credits are earned. However, selecting a major is a big decision and you may be undecided as you begin your degree program, or opt to change your major once you’ve experienced some of the courses. That’s OK. In either case, stay in contact with your advisor or registrar’s office and they can help you.

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