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Common Questions About Online Learning

  1. Is online learning a respectable way to earn credit or a degree?
    If an online program is accredited, as are all the programs offered through the KYVC, the degrees awarded should be respected and honored by employers, just like those awarded by the traditional on-campus programs.
  2. Can you transfer credits from an online degree to a different university?
    Many people think that credits earned through online learning cannot be transferred to traditional colleges or universities. This isn’t necessarily true. If an online learning course or program is accredited by a Kentucky college or university, you can be assured online credits can be transferred to your “home” institution. But always check with the school to make sure.
  3. Is online learning more expensive than traditional education?
    Tuition for courses listed on the KYVC may differ, depending upon the course and institution. Some college courses will adhere to the in-state and out-of-state tuition structure; some agency-offered courses will charge fees for enrollment. You’ll need to consult the course catalog listings to find out specific tuition/enrollment fees associated with a particular course.
  4. Is financial aid available for online courses and programs, like in the traditional setting?
    Financial aid information, such as application and eligibility questions relating to tuition assistance provided by the federal government, Kentucky State government and participating colleges should be directed to the financial aid office at the school you have chosen for your courses. A general description of the aid available can be found at KHEAA. If you are a Kentucky state government employee, you need to check with your employer agency about the tuition assistance programs available.

Did you know?

During the Fall 2007 semester, 31,523 students enrolled in distance learning courses. That's 17.4% of all postsecondary students.

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