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How Online Learning Works

How Learning Online Compares to Traditional Class Study

Online courses allow you to complete your assignments at a time and location convenient for you. While tests, reading assignments and homework may be still required by a specific date, this work can be done when it fits into your schedule, often without ever stepping foot inside a classroom.

How Classes Are Conducted

All of the online courses listed on the KYVC are instructor-led. Before classes begin, you will be given access to the school's course management system (CMS), which is either hosted by the school's website or by the KYVC. Your instructor will provide the details of the course, what is expected of you, and any deadlines. In most courses, you will be responsible for studying the course materials, discussing them with your instructor and classmates in a discussion forum (known as “synchronous sessions”), and completing online quizzes and assignments.

Some courses contain a variety of multimedia resources, including audio, video, or interactive simulations. Because of this, a high-speed internet connection is recommended. However, a 56kbps modem can be used, but performance may suffer, especially for those courses heavy with audio and/or video materials.

How Online Learners Interact with Others

Your instructor will provide an email address in case of questions about a particular assignment.

Also in many cases, online courses may have moderated discussion forums. You will be expected to interact with your instructor and classmates as part of assignments. Discussion forums are great ways to work with classmates and learn from group discussions.

Materials Needed


Some courses will require textbooks. The KYVC does not sell these books, so you will need to purchase them from your local college bookstore or from an online textbook seller. If a textbook is required, you'll be notified by the school or the instructor prior to the class beginning.

Computer Requirements

Visit our online "Computer Requirements" page to test your machine for the necessary components. It's best to do this prior to enrollment.

Now that you know what to expect, you can now proceed to "How Enrollment Works" for an explanation of how the catalog/enrollment works.

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