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Your education is important, but you may have to juggle other commitments as well. Traditional campus learning, with scheduled class meeting times, can be difficult if you are working, caring for others, or serving in the military.

Typically, many online degrees can be obtained more quickly than their traditional campus counterparts. Online courses are usually accelerated, so more classes can be finished in less time. If you have transferable credits from another institution, your completion time for an online college degree is even less. The faster you earn your degree, the sooner you are on your way to getting the job or salary you want.

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All of the degree programs offered via the KYVC are from accredited schools. There are several benefits of enrolling in a regionally accredited college or university listed on the KYVC:

  • You are assured quality education and services.
  • Credits you earn are more likely to be transferable to other accredited institutions.
  • Any certificate or degree you earn is more likely to be recognized by employers as a legitimate credential.
  • You may qualify for federal loans/grants.

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