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Selecting Licenses/Certificates

Did you know that seventy-five percent of future jobs are likely to want employees with at least a license or certificate?

The Kentucky Virtual Campus has access to many licensure and/or certificate programs that will both enhance your current job skills and make you a more marketable candidate for a promotion, or even open new doors to other fields without the initial commitment to an associates or bachelors degree.

How to Choose a License/Certificate Program

There are hundreds of different professional licenses and certifications available, and selecting a license or certification that is necessary or valuable in your career field can go a long way toward enhancing your career.

To Expand Your Current Job Skills for Upward Mobility

Some professional licenses or certifications may be required for a promotions or new job title, and obtaining one of them may help you become the top-qualified candidate. Some licenses and certifications can be worth anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 or more, depending on the certification, your employer, and the demand for that certification in your chosen field. If you need help determining which license or certification to go after, your manager will probably have an idea of which certifications will be most valuable within your day to day tasks. Also, your HR administrator may be able to provide advice as to certain licenses and certifications from a hiring perspective, as well as provide information as to any educational achievement awards your employer may award you upon completion of the licensure/certificate program.

To Begin a Whole New Career

When choosing a program, you should follow your professional goals, but don't obtain a license just because you read somewhere that you might earn more money because you have it. It's best to get the licenses and certifications that are most in line with your professional interests, or which will benefit your career, overall, the most.

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