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New to the KYVC Catalog: KCTCS Learn on Demand Courses

Learn on Demand is a unique online program that allows you to start on a schedule you choose. In addition, competency-based learning assures you are ready to move forward when you complete the courses or when you receive credit for prior learning. You can work at your own pace - days, evenings, weekend - within the timeframe assigned to the class.

A revolution in online education, Learn on Demand offers both full courses and bite-size classes, called "modules." Modules are about 3-8 weeks long. Full course offerings are 15-weeks long and include all modules required in a full course. You're free to pick and choose the courses or modules that meet your educational goals. If you want to learn a specific skill for your job, then you only have to register and pay for that one module that teaches that skill.

Learn on Demand builds for your success with services to support you including: Success Coaches, Online tutoring, Affordability, Flexibility, and Credit for what you know.

Some Learn on Demand modules are set up with sequential prerequisite requirements. Make sure to check the catalog listing for the prerequisites before enrolling.

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