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Do You Have Time for Online Learning?

Before enrolling in courses, you need to be realistic on how many courses to take. To succeed in your courses, you need to have the time to study.

This survey will help show you the amount of time you have available for study amid your various activities. (To get a more accurate estimate, you might keep track of how you spend your time for a week.)

When taking the survey, estimate the amount of time spent on each item.

Personal Time Survey
ActivityHours (Per Week)
On the Job
Commuting to Work/School/Other
Preparing and eating meals, as well as clean-up
Taking Care of Family
Traveling on Weekends
Organizational activities
Participating in leisure activities
In class each week (if taking traditional courses)
Total Hours Busy with Activities
Your Hours Available for Study

* This non-scientific quiz is provided for general guidance, and does not forecast your ability to succeed in an online learning environment.

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