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Employee Tuition Reimbursement

Many organizations offer tuition reimbursement programs for employees who take courses or enroll in degree programs related to their work.

When your employer agrees to pay your tuition, he will probably want you to sign a contract.

Here are a few questions to you'll want to ask your Human Resources Director:

  • How will your tuition be refunded?
    Some companies pay the tuition directly. Some deduct it from your paycheck and reimburse you up to a year later.
  • What academic standards must be met?
    Find out of there is a required GPA and what happens if you fail to make the grade.
  • How long must I remain with the company?
    Find out what happens if you decide to leave before the term is up. Often, these organizations have strict policies and require that employees stay with the company for at least a year - they don't want to pay for your education if you're going to use it to find another job. Don't let yourself get locked into staying with any company for too many years.
  • What happens I stop attending class?
    If health problems, family issues, or other circumstances prevent you from finishing a course, program or degree, will you be required to pay?
  • Will books and materials also be covered?
    Even though the courses offered here are online, some require you to purchase text books. If your company will cover this in addition to tuition, their purchase can save you a few hundred dollars over the course of the year.

Helpful Advice

You'll want your budget flexible enough so that you can afford to pay tuition money (and books) for at least two semesters, in case there is a delay in processing payment. This way you won't have to interrupt your course work if the reimbursement checks are delayed.

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