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Why Learn Online?

The courses are self-paced and whether you're completing your GED, meeting continuing education requirements for work, or pursuing a degree, online learning is an accessible, convenient and credible means to complete your education:

  • Work during the day, then do coursework at night
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Take almost any course you want, because you aren't restricted to the schools in your geographic area

Is Online Learning for You?

Because of the independent study involved, you may wonder if you'll be able to handle online learning. Some considerations are:

  • Are you able to commit time each day or week to your online course(s)?
    Completing course assignments and other learning activities can take from one to several hours per week. So, before enrolling, be sure you can set aside enough time to keep up with your daily/weekly assignments.
  • Are you self-disciplined?
    As mentioned, most online learning activities are left to you to complete by a certain deadline. This arrangement can make it possible for you to do your assignments when convenient; however with this freedom comes responsibility. If you're considering enrolling, you may want to consider reading some study and scheduling tips.
  • Do you feel comfortable discussing problems with your instructor or with a help desk? Do you have good written communication skills?
    If you experience problems with technology or the assignments, you'll need to contact the appropriate person as soon as possible. Remember that the learning is self-paced, so it is up to you to initiate communication when problems occur in order to meet your assignment deadlines.
    During online learning, nearly all communication is written, so it is important that you feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing. If you're worried, find out how much writing is required for the course before enrolling.
  • Are you a visual or auditory learner?
    While the level of interaction with your classmates and/or instructor can be very high, it is not the same as face-to-face interaction. Do you need to hear something to remember it? If you think you'll miss having the opportunity to listen, as well as visually see, your instructor or classmates, online learning may not be the best environment for you.
  • Are you comfortable using a computer?
    If you have basic computer skills, you can succeed with online learning. Most courses require knowledge of word processing, internet searching, email transmission, and the ability to download and install necessary software plug-ins. Remember you do have technical help desks to assist you when you experience problems.

You really know what's best for your lifestyle. If you think you're ready for online learning, please continue to "How Online Learning Works" for an explanation of what to expect.

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